Sunday, February 22, 2009


Back in 1998 I wrote, directed, edited and co-starred in a short film called Detention.

The film told the age-old story of two college friends who decide to sneak back to high school, strictly for the girls... but end up getting detention instead.

My proudest accomplishment was writing the words and music for the end credits song, Love Theme from Detention. Not only did I play the guitar and sing the remarkably catchy song myself, I even overdubbed the chorus with my own harmony, meaning I was actually singing... with myself. (So in essence, it was like my sex life. )

Don't miss the closing dance number. It makes Slumdog Millionaire's look like a kindergarten recital.

Detention - Part I

Detention - Part II

"Love theme from Detention"

Somewhere out there, there's a place I could go
Somewhere out there, there's a girl I could know
I'd take her outside to the parking lot
I'd read her poetry until she made me stop

Oh girl, I know you're only fourteen years old
But, oh girl, it's just you I want to hold

Oh girl, in detention, in detention, in detention
Is where we'll make out
In detention is where we'll find love.

Blooper Reel

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