Thursday, January 27, 2011


My mom recently discovered Facebook.  I fear what's next. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Unproduced Screenplay #4: "The Most Gullible Man in America" (2000)

My fourth unproduced screenplay is a comedy about a man named Abraham Lincoln (no relation to the president) who decides to dramatically change his life after finding out he has one week to live from being exposed to a dangerous sexually transmitted disease in prison (involuntarily) after being falsely accused of murdering a nun.

This scene takes place at the end of the film.  Our hero, Abraham Lincoln, has just found out he's not dying of a rare STD from being raped in prison and after breaking up a conspiracy by his wife and brother to use his money to fund deviant sexual experimentation, he arrives at the hotel where Lana, the girl he's truly in love with, works. 

I'm not sure what I'm more proud of.  Being able to pay tribute to a classic moment in Dirty Dancing, one of my favorite films, or the final line of this scene "That penis gave me life and I don't ever plan on giving it back."

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Next up, my first television script for: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unproduced Screenplay #3: "Loving Drew" (2000)

My third unproduced screenplay tells the age old story of a detective who falls in love... with a devil worshipper.

This scene takes place during a police raid of a devil worshiping ceremony where John, the detective, runs into Drew, the devil worshipper.

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Next up, another comedy:  The Most Guillible Man in America

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unproduced Screenplay #2: "Lie of Youth" (1999)

My second unproduced screenplay was a drama inspired by one of my favorite films, 1980's Ordinary People 

Lie of Youth is the story of Daniel, a popular college senior who is expelled after his fraternity is involved in a hazing incident where a freshman accidentally dies. When he moves back home he finds himself falling for Emily, the high school sweetheart of the boy who died. 

This scene takes place at a park playground between Daniel and Chris, his best friend from high school as Chris reminisces about the past.

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Next up, my first comedy: Loving Drew

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Unproduced Screenplays

Happy new year loyal blog reader! (You know who you are.) I know I've been slacking on this blog of late. That's mostly because I've been going on a lot of bad dates. But fear not because it's a new year. So besides a whole new slew of women who will cause me insurmountable pain, frustration, humiliation and different crescendo's of heartbreak, I promise to be a more active blogger.

And unlike that Laura girl who promised a second date, I plan on following through. (On a side note, Laura if you are reading this, I'm assuming you must have lost your phone and didn't get my texts/phone calls/voicemails. Send me a private message and we can reschedule. )

In the last thirteen years I've written a lot of screenplays. Most of which haven't been produced. In fact, I could count the number of scripts I've written that have actually been produced on one hand (if I had lost a couple of fingers in a horrible wood chipper accident.)

So that leaves me with a lot of unproduced screenplays. Screenplays that I spent a lot of time and effort on that will never get made. Screenplays that nobody will ever read.

Until now.

Well, at least partly. Over the next few months I'm going to post one scene from each of these scripts, starting from the very first back in 1998, when I was just 22 years old.

Looking back on the last 13 years of screenwriting, I've learned a lot. Mostly that sometimes it takes 13 years of screenwriting to realize that some of what you thought was brilliant at the time was... well, not so much.

Kind of like Laura. (But still send me a private message and we can maybe grab a drink or some tapas or something.)

Even so, there is a part of every one of these stories that I admire and that I'm proud of. I couldn't have got to where I am now without them.

So thanks.

Unproduced Screenplay #1: "Kill The Mascot" (1998)

My first screenplay started in a screenwriting class during senior year at college. Adapted from a novella I wrote after graduating high school, and inspired by countless high school movies I grew up with from the eighties, KILL THE MASCOT tells the story of Kurt, an awkward high school senior loner who falls for the mysterious, unpopular and suicidal Jennifer.

This three page scene is from the final third of the script and takes place in French class between Kurt and Heather, an attractive and popular cheerleader.

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