Monday, May 18, 2009

Imitation is Flattery?

Here's a recent article from THE ONION, dated May 12, 2009:

Now here's a clip of my stand up from July of 2008:

Next check out the newest web sensation, TEXTS FROM LAST NIGHT, a website the Cincinnati City Beat calls "a collection of anonymous texts that people send in to show how funny/stupid/drunk/slutty they are or their friends are," a website whose Facebook fan page boasts over 83,000 fans since its debut in February of 2009.

Now check out my Best Texts blog, also a collection of anonymous texts that show how funny/stupid/drunk/slutty myself or my friends are, now a regular feature of my blog since its debut in December of 2008.

What's next, guys imitating my patented "two and a half seconds in heaven" lovemaking technique?

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