Friday, November 18, 2011

Unproduced Screenplay #6: "Approaching Storm" (2004)

First off, apologies.  My time between posting new blogs has been almost as long as two Kim Kardashian marriages. I'd like to give you a good reason like I was busy doing undercover work at a local high school 21 Jump Street style (1987 TV show style not 2012 feature film style) but the real reason is that I've been too busy listening nonstop to Kanye West & Jay Z's Watch the Throne album.

But I'm back and let's get right back to another one of my (many) unproduced screenplays.

In the summer of 2003 I began working with a producer who specialized in making cheap direct to video sequels of major feature films.  He would buy unused film footage from the original film and combine that with newly shot footage to make the film look more expensive then it would actually cost (ie over $5.)

I was hired to write his direct to video sequel to The Perfect Storm, the 2000 George Clooney film adapted from the non-fiction book by Sebastian Unger, about the crew of the Andrea Gail, a fishing boat that was lost in a 1981 storm on its way back to Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The "sequel" was basically an entirely new fictional story complete with new characters (having the same characters would likely require a-*spoiler alert*-zombie aspect) set in the crab fishing town of Cordova, Alaska.

This is a 1984 flashback scene from the opening of the script.

Next up, my Die Hard/Clear and Present Danger inspired script about a President who takes the White House hostage called Legacy.

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